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Elementary [1st-5th] Classroom

Creation Station

Created on October 22, 2016 by rbteachart

This is a resource for Early Finishers in the art room. I'm often stumped as to do with my early finishers during a project. The go-to was to let them do a "free draw". Just grabbing a blank piece of paper to draw and be busy. But it wasn't very productive or creative. In boosting our District goal of Self-Regulation, I created a "Creation Station"at the back of our room. This gives the student choices. The back bulletin board has a list of choices for them: -Free Draw: They may draw what they want using only ONE paper or use how-to books, sheets and stencils to draw from. -Graph Paper: Different size graph paper and examples are there for them to color in and design. -Dry erase boards and markers. -Dry erase books. -A Junk Sculpture bin where they can create with odds and ends. -Ipads (but only when the teacher says it's ok). -Read an Art book from our in class Library. As the year progresses I plan on adding a few more choices but so far it has been working great.

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