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Multiple Level Lesson Plan

Mixed Media Northern Lights

Created on December 15, 2016 by Scorchard

A lesson plan designed for modified high school art students. It would also be appropriate for lower and middle elementary level art students.

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1. SWBAT describe contour line
2.SWBAT demonstrate skill in using tempera paint to create contour line
3. SWBAT use scissors to cut tree and snow shapes

1. Tempera Paint
2. Paint brushes
3. Water Cups
4. 18x24" 80lb paper (1 per student)
5. 6x18" white paper strips (1 per student)
6. Black scrap paper (various sizes, these will be cut to create the trees)
7. Glue Sticks
8. Scissors

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Create the Northern Lights Sky Painting
1. Paint three large spirals on 18x12" paper, landscape orientation
- The color is up to the students
2. Paint contour lines around the initial three spirals, changing color every time.
- Colors may be repeated, but they may not be adjacent
3. While the 'sky' is drying, cut the 6x18" white paper strips so that there is a wave on the top edge, this is the ground
- Glue the snow to the bottom of the painting once the painting is dry
4. Fold the black construction paper in half, cut tree silhouettes out (Valentine's Heart Style)
5. Glue the trees on top of the snow
6. Use a small paint brush and white paint to create snow in the sky and on the trees

Color/Value, Line, Rhythm/Pattern

Paper, Tempera