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High [9th-12th] Lesson Plan

Emoji Critique

Created on June 27, 2017 by artmeiro

Students will use common emojis to engage in a class critique. Can be used for any project.

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TSWBAT participate in a group critique.
TSWBAT use the graphic organizer and emoji symbols to enhance the accountable talk/dialogue in group discussions.

emoji worksheet and 4 emojis for each student present.

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Students will place their completed artworks on the table. Each student will take one of their 4 emojis and place it in response to one of the artworks. Each student will get 2 "likes" 1 "love" and 1 "question" to ask the artist. When the student places it next to the artwork they must write WHY on the graphic organizer. Students will be encouraged to use proper vocabulary and give evidence based on the artwork in their written responses. Once they students have completed this part they will engage in a full class discussion of the artworks. You could also incorporate the rubric for the specific projects, its up to the teacher.

Students will be assessed based on the classroom participation rubric.

Feel free to change the specific emojis to what suits your needs. This is just a way to :hook" kids and get them talking in a group crit.