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Middle [6th-8th] Management

Sneaky Art History

Created on February 18, 2013 by paintpeace

TO GET WHOLE CLASS ATTENTION: I first ring a Tibetan bell (one ring), and then call out " When I say Vincent, you say Van Gogh". (Or whatever new artist we may have studied) SPONGE ACTIVITIES to sponge up extra time when done is to have 1. A Spelling Bee, using history, principles and elements of art (I also train them to "Say it, spell it, say it") 2. A Round Robin, starting with first person, states an "art" word that starts with the letter 'a' (ie. abstract, architect, asymmetrical), second person states an art word that starts with the letter ''b (blue, balance, Braque), etc. RAFFLE TICKET REWARDS- I used Mona Bucks (from 'the Incredible Art Dep't, Princeton online') for a few years. I've just created new Raffle Tickets that are the size of a business card, top half is a black and white image of a famous artwork by a famous artist (google artist's name, images, select, format picture into black and white, copy and paste), then text: the artists name, student name, caught in the act of acting respectful, responsibly and safely OR working hard and helping others. Every other Friday, we have a raffle of things I've bought at the dollar store or free books I find or get donated.

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Raffle ticket text:

(inset art by Hokusai here)
In ART I was responsible.
In ART I was respectful.
In ART I acted safely.
Period _________

I created raffle tickets with 9 - 12 artists. They can be used like trading cards, adding to the enthusiasm from the students to collect them and learn more artists names and artworks.

  • jbucher 05/04/2013 at 03:09am
    Fun! I am always interested in ways to engage the middle school art student!