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We know that it takes time to share your resources and experiences, so we'd like to make it worth your while by offering rewards for your contributions! (A special thanks to our challenge sponsors!)

BLICK Challenge: Any Resource!

SPONSOR: BLICK Art Materials

CHALLENGE: Share ANY Resource in December

REWARD: $100 in BLICK Gift Coupons (3 winners)

START DATE: December 1st

END DATE: January 1st


  1. CREATE any Resource in December.
  2. A resource doesn't have to be a lesson plan—it can be a syllabus, rubric, test, etc.
  3. During resource creation, include AT LEAST 2 SAMPLE IMAGES on the "Attach" tab.
  4. PUBLISH your resource when you're done by clicking the eye icon.
  5. 3 resource authors will be awarded a $100 BLICK gift certificate.


  • You'll need to be registered and logged in to begin.
  • There is no resource entry limit (each resource will count as a unique challenge entry).
  • Want to see an example resource?


The challenge ends December 31 at 11:59PM PST.

If you are interested in sponsoring a challenge, email us at