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Research resources for upper elementary students

Started on Jun 06, 2012 by lhARTz
Last post on May 02, 2017

I am working w/classroom teachers to create a simple research paper for 5th graders. Does anyone know of any websites/books that give good information about various arists & their work? The "Getting to know the artists" series is a bit too young for my students and most websites I'm finding have more adult material.

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  • RuthByrne 06/12/2012 at 09:39am
    I'm also interested in answers to this question, I'll keep up my search and let you know if I find anything. DK's "Children's Book of Art" has straightforward synopsis of some artists, but it is limited.

  • rlaurenzi 06/19/2012 at 08:02pm
    You might try "The Art Book for Children" by Amanda Renshaw. I think there are two volumes.