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Technology [Question]

Document Cameras in the Art room

Started on Aug 13, 2012 by lightARTed
Last post on Sep 09, 2012

I want a document camera in my elementary art classroom to be able to draw and demonstrate to a whole class. Can anyone recommend a good document camera for the art room? If you have any great suggestions about how use a document camera I would love to read your suggestions and tips! Thanks!!

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  • MissMary 08/14/2012 at 12:33pm
    I love the ELMO, best tool I have ever used!

  • Monty15 08/20/2012 at 08:29am
    I agree with MissMary. I went to Disneyland in California two years ago and they had a animation demonstration in Adventureland Mainstreet. in the theater. An animator would walk you through simple steps of drawing one Disney character - done with an ELMO camera. on a large screen for the audience to see. As a jewelry and ceramics teacher, I can see the benefits of detailed and close up teacher modeling done this way! Other wise perhaps a Go Pro cam as it is more mobile and smaller?

  • ArtKat0508 08/21/2012 at 08:01pm
    if you are looking for an economical option, $80 I use an i-pevo. It is not at all the same quality as ELMO (i had one at a different school). It has limitations but having something is priceless.

  • RuthByrne 08/24/2012 at 04:49am
    From what I can tell with the Doc camera in my room, its simply a webcam mounted to an adjustable arm. I rarely use it since there is room for students to watch demonstrations in person. It may even be economical to get a decent webcam or a cheepo digital camera that will let you connect to the computer and build a frame to hold it over a staging area.

  • lightARTed 08/28/2012 at 11:33am
    Woohoo! I lucked out and discovered a classroom teacher with a doc camera they were not using so now I have one. It is a smartboad doc camera not an elmo but seems to be working great, the kids love it that they are not crammed around the table anymore!!!!

  • Taurine75 09/09/2012 at 01:08pm
    I purchased my own ELMO and projector and I can't see myself teaching art without it. You can see a picture of my ELMO in my classroom pics (last image):

    The company has since put out a version more advanced than mine (