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Technology [Question]

Connecting Art Class Digitally

Started on Sep 03, 2012 by jfrisco
Last post on Sep 09, 2012

Has anyone ever had a digitally connected art classroom? I know people have partnered...has it been digital?

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  • Taurine75 09/09/2012 at 11:50am
    I think it would be awesome to teach at least one class via the web. I've personally taken a couple of on-line courses through for my own personal artistic development. The "class sizes" were small with only 25 students max allowing the instructor to give personal feedback (about 10-min worth) within a week's time. Given that I work in a public education setting it would be horrible to have 40+ on-line students. I currently have a total of 250+ students whose grades I'm responsible for with over 40 kids crammed into each of my periods. I could easily foresee us being further exploited. I do use my Weebly site as means to access my lessons when students need it, as means of contacting me, and as evidence of my efforts. Check me out here: