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Assessment [Question]

Middle School Art Pretest

Started on Jan 05, 2013 by jensando
Last post on Feb 03, 2013

Our state has adopted a new teacher evaluation system. One of the items we are being 'graded' on is our use of pre/post tests within the art program. I have some I've created but I would love some ideas on taking it to the next level. Can you help?

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  • RuthByrne 01/08/2013 at 12:13pm
    Do you have a performance component in your exam? Art is especially capable of authentic assessments that express multiple skills and concepts in a single composition.

    What are your thoughts on this policy? I'll admit, the idea is a bit off putting to me, but after consideration, I do see the value of knowing where your students are at the beginning and end of a semester.

  • jensando 01/12/2013 at 03:28pm
    I admit the thought of being required to have pre/post test puts me off somewhat as well, but then again, I like the idea of seeing students grow with their art interests me.

    My prestest has basic knowledge as well as drawing skills. I have also created questions that cover material taught previous years to see what they remember learning.

    It was interesting to see what they remembered so far. I hope to see a huge jump in knowledge and ability over the course of the grading period this 9 weeks. I'll let you know how it turns out.

  • ArtKat0508 01/15/2013 at 01:44pm
    Instead of a written test I started out the lesson by having the students do a one day chalk pastel drawing of trees with little instruction. On the second day I had them write what they learned from the previous lesson and what they still wanted to know. From there I went on to address questions like how to draw branches and leave as well as atmospheric perspective. Then we began the final landscape paining. The post test will be a reflection essay where they can pick which terms they want to define and describe how they (the art terms) were used in their painting.

  • MrsImpey 01/19/2013 at 06:29pm
    I started blogging this year and one of my main focuses in my blog is integrating the Common Core/APPR in the art room. If you head over to my blog, you can find the pre- and post-assessments that I am using for K-6.

    I was involved with our regional meeting to create a regional assessment that could be used across the board, K-12, and it ended up being a rubric for an observational drawing that could be tweaked for language and difficulty depending on which level it would be used at (self-portrait using a mirror, drawing your shoe, hand, a still life, etc.).

    Unless your school/state is actually mandating that the pre-assessment and post-assessment be a test, you don't actually need the assessments to be a written test. Since we are a performance based profession, your assessments can both be performance based. Though, if you used a formative and performance based assessment together, it would probably be even better!

    Here is the link to my blog...if you just click on the assessment/APPR labels on the right hand side, it will take you to my earlier posts with my assessments.

  • Computermorah 01/27/2013 at 02:16pm
    I like to throw in some "draw the opposite" images so that I not only test their drawing skills but their creativity and outside the box thinking. Examples are a happy girl, a messy desk, a carnival (I get a range from jails to beaches!), etc.

  • MisterPP 01/31/2013 at 09:32am
    We have a '100 question test' that we use as pre, mid and final for Art 1 at the HS level. We were mandated to build and use this test by our superintendent.

  • paintedminds 02/02/2013 at 09:11am
    I teach in NY and it is mandatory we have a pretest and post test each year. We keep portfolio's for the students and thought we would evaluate them at the end of the year as the pretest for the coming year and post test for the ending year. In addition we had to have a local test so a skill based test would have worked but after realizing there had to be a concrete grade on all 475 student tests(50% of my elementary school population); a scantron was the only option. So now on a subject that should be about their portfolio is about memorizing vocabulary words, in elementary school and teaching to the test; like everyother subject.

  • MrsRich 02/03/2013 at 07:13am
    Is your evaluation system REIL, by chance?