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Paper Storage

Started on Jun 01, 2013 by artcsara
Last post on Jul 22, 2013

I am moving to the high school next year and have been working on organizing. To my surprise (shock) there is not one place to store large paper. The last art teacher stacked it on the floor/stacked piles /rolled large paper in half. Any ideas for cheap paper storage that will keep it organized by type, size etc.

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  • rachinator 06/12/2013 at 02:07pm
    If you don't have cabinets, keep them in the boxes. Sax School Specialty has a paper storage that works vertically for about $300ish. It is slightly flimsy though... If you have a woodshop or ag class, ask the teacher if they can build you something if you bring them wood or if they have some scraps around.

    Large Flat File cabinets are SUPER expensive.... talking thousands, so I am not surprised that you don't have some. But oh are they nice. I taught five years without them and this past year was my first year with them. I can't imagine not having them now. (I have 30!!!!!)

    You could also get some garage shelving units from any home supply store that should be deep enough for some quality paper. They range anywhere from $35-$150.

  • CoffeedrinkerAlpha 07/22/2013 at 05:29am
    You can also call used office supply dealers. They will sometimes have them used at a discount, albeit not a huge discount. I found mine on Craig's list, cheaper because the seller was pick-up only.