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Supplies [Question]

Most Used High School Supplies

Started on Jun 01, 2013 by artcsara
Last post on Jun 18, 2013

All of my storage cabinets are full of 9x12 bins. I have 3 cabinets like this in the main art room and 4 in a storage area. Each cabinet has 100 bins. This will be my first year at the high school and I want to put most used supplies in the main room for easy access. Any thoughts?

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  • rachinator 06/12/2013 at 02:00pm
    Keep the following in the classroom accessible to students all the time:
    Scissors, rulers, their portfolios, paint brushes, pallettes, cups, paper towels, and printer paper.
    Keep the following in the back where you or a chosen student has access to:
    Prisma colors, pencils, sharpies, paint, exacto knives etc.

    I find that investing in a box for each student and storing that, leads to less pencils needing to be borrowed, less wasted supplies and therefore less money that I am spending. So, I give each student a box with the following:
    Ebony pencil, 2 reg no. 2 pencils, tortillian, 2 eraser caps, 2 charcoal pencils, 1 white charcoal pencil, 1 large eraser, 1 pencil sharpener, 1 glue stick, and a chubby charcoal.

    The kids love their boxes; end up keeping all sorts of things in there throughout the year. I let them keep the contents at the end (if the want, they can donate it back) but the boxes are returned for next year's students.

    I didn't do boxes with my art 1 kids, and the amount of pencils that I went through make me want to shoot myself in the face. But then again.... Art 1 is going to probably be that way regardless of what I give them. Ugh. Freshmen.


  • artcsara 06/16/2013 at 08:52am
    What kind of a box do you use?

  • paintpeace 06/18/2013 at 04:48pm
    Ooh, lots of bins. Nice. When We do a project with sharpies they have to sign out (on a clip board) and then return the sharpie and make sure I cross their name off my list. Good job for a student to manage.
    I started a " pledge" towards the end of the year, which I think I will have them do EVERYDAY! It goes like this ( once they get the rhythm, I start the sentence, and they finish it)
    If you open it, CLOSE IT
    If you borrow it, RETURN IT
    If you mess it up, CLEAN IT UP
    If it is on the floor PICK IT UP.