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Model Magic Tips

Started on May 08, 2014 by CreativeFreckles
Last post on Jul 09, 2014

I use Crayola Model Magic with nearly all grades. I love that stuff. But I have had some trouble with my student's sculptures getting cracked as the MM dries. Does anyone have advice on how to prevent this? Do I have to let the pieces dry slower? Is there a way to fix the cracks? Any tips or advice are appreciated! :)

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  • dreamstudio 06/16/2014 at 01:42am
    I have used elmer's glue to fix breaks or cracks in the dried model magic.

  • svorrasi 07/09/2014 at 12:44am
    Have you tired using Cloud Clay? I was frustrated with model magic because of how much it cracked and how quickly it dried. It's more more pliable and takes a lot longer to dry out. When it is drying it is best to stick it on wax paper or plastic so it does not stick to whatever it is the clay is drying on. I would not recommend using anything other than white from Cloud Clay b/c the colors are mush too sticky.