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Supplies [Question]

Middle School Acrylic Paint

Started on Oct 07, 2014 by MsAlkire
Last post on Dec 19, 2014

Question for those of you teaching middle school art or acrylic painting...what brand of paint do you buy thats inexpensive? I'm basically starting from the ground up and am willing to invest in a bulk supply, but not willing to over spend. Best brand, best vendor, best quality...any information you can give!

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  • paintpeace 10/07/2014 at 04:36pm
    Cheapest and good enough- NASCO or BLICK, by the pint-- Any bigger is awkward to manage. They also sell sets of 6 or 12 bottles which are really well priced. Here is the link for NASCO, 12 pints for $52,
    GOLD acrylic paint is a hit with kids.
    Brushes are another story. Hard to pick them out without seeing and feeling them. I've bought alot of bad brushes.

  • paintpeace 10/07/2014 at 04:38pm
    also-- get extra white, lots of white.

  • Me1issa08 10/08/2014 at 06:47am
    I second Nasco! They're local to me... so we get most of our stuff from them. They rock!

  • MsAlkire 12/19/2014 at 09:25pm
    Thank you ladies!!