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What can I do with oil pastel bits?

Started on Dec 02, 2014 by jbucher
Last post on Nov 12, 2018

Hello! I teach middle school art 6-8 and I have bags of oil pastel bits and pieces. I hate to throw them out, but they are too small to use. Does anyone have a great idea out there? I don't want to melt them down into crayons.

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  • aricad 01/05/2015 at 01:06pm
    Yes! Dip them in white paint and make impressionist style paintings. have the kids swirl and use quick strokes, the paint creates a nice texture.

  • MrPlmrShmn 11/12/2018 at 04:17pm
    Couple ideas: 1) Have the students use them for rubbings where its okay to 'roll-the pastel' bits over an object, like a leaf etc. 2) Use the left over pieces to rub on a white/or black sheet of card-stock/Bristol board etc., to create a mixed colored background for scratch-art project (again where the colors can be rolled and used where lines or overlapping doesn't matter. [note--my first thought was melt them down as I was reading the question for suggestions-lol] And one more: if you really want to get creative, take the kids outside and let them throw the pieces at a watercolor paper to create a collage (I use this with charcoal and have the kids pretend like there are bugs, a plague of bugs hitting the paper, like a cars windshield - I start out by having the kids draw from a 'set-up'. then rotate them 2 places to add to another work creating a collaborative piece, at each move/rotation student will add their own idea's/marks to the piece, while i suggest things like the 'bugs hitting the windshield', rain pelting the picture plain, add a boarder. The last rotation is back to the original place/piece where students can 'fix' the piece as they choose to do so.