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Best Rubrics

Started on Sep 03, 2016 by melwelsh
Last post on Aug 30, 2018

Supervisor helped create rubrics last year, principal approved. Same principal wants them thrown out and have checklist. Not all times she wants has standards.

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  • TooCoolStuff 08/30/2018 at 05:37pm
    I have rewritten all "art" rubrics that are so subjective and undefinable into standards based lists. I break down every step to every project and state in very specific terms what is expected to show competence and / or mastery. This is defendable to administration, parents and students and a great grading tool. I can know tell students in very specific terms what they need to work on, what has been missed....Grading is finally easy! And, I do not accept any work that is missing any clearly stated objective, step....Not done, not graded. No more, "But Mrs. Graham, I meant it to look like that!". See content. I will upload a rubric and project example for you.