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High [9th-12th] Lesson Plan

Contour Line Sneaker Design

Created on January 29, 2014 by Keefumms72789

In this lesson, students create their own unique shoe/sneaker design. Students first focus on the contour line drawing of their shoe from all different points of view and then emphasize their details with color.

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10 sessions; 45 minutes per session

Students will be able to create a unique sneaker design through the application of contour line drawing and proper colored pencil techniques.

1. Pencils
2. Erasers
3. Colored Pencils
4. 18 x 24 white railroad board
5. Black Micron Pens

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1. Discussion of identity and how people represent themselves (visual culture).
2. Show examples of how real sneaker designers plan out a shoe. (Sketchbook photos)
3. Students begin sketching their own shoe design.
4. Students draw their shoe design from five points of view and create a logo for their design. (Profile, Sole, 3/4, top, back, logo)
5. Students outline their contour line drawing using a micron pen.
6. Students add color to their shoe designs.

Criteria that is assessed using a rubric is listed in the attached form.


Visual Arts Standard 1:
Understanding and applying media, techniques, and processes

[9-12 Advanced] Students initiate, define, and solve challenging visual arts problems independently using intellectual skills such as analysis, synthesis, and evaluation

Visual Arts Standard 2:
Using knowledge of structures and functions

[9-12 Proficient] Students demonstrate the ability to form and defend judgments about the characteristics and structures to accomplish commercial, personal, communal, or other purposes of art

Visual Arts Standard 3:
Choosing and evaluating a range of subject matter, symbols, and ideas

[9-12 Proficient] Students apply subjects, symbols, and ideas in their artworks and use the skills gained to solve problems in daily life

Visual Arts Standard 6:
Making connections between visual arts and other disciplines

[9-12 Proficient] Students compare the materials, technologies, media, and processes of the visual arts with those of other arts disciplines as they are used in creation and types of analysis

Street Art

Color/Value, Form, Line, Proportion/Size

Colored Pencil, Drawing

  • MissSansone 02/28/2018 at 05:54pm
    Hello! love this idea :) is there a rubric?