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High [9th-12th] Lesson Plan

Monochromatic Portrait paintings

Created on March 27, 2014 by Me1issa08

Students will use Photoshop to Posterize an image of themselves. They will then transfer the image to canvas and paint using a monochromatic color scheme with a complimentary background.

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Students will be able to successfully posterize an image in photoshop.
Students will be able to successfully identify complimentary colors.
Students will be able to successfully render a painted portrait of themselves.

Transfer paper
Photoshop (or other equivalent)

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Part 1:
• Follow the directions step by step (on separate handout) to posterize your photograph in photoshop.
• Print two copies of your photograph and cut off white borders from one image.
• Outline all areas of value on your image. This will make the next steps easier.
• Place a sheet of transfer paper on top of your canvas. Tape it down. Place your photograph on top of all layers and tape in to place.
• Use a pen or pencil and trace all lines. Be sure not to move your image.
Part 2:
• Complete a five step value scale for the color you chose. There should be two tints, the base color, and two shades placed from light to dark on the scale.
• Paint in the areas of your canvas to match your photograph. Work with one color at a time. Be neat, it will not be easy to fix mistakes.
• When all areas of your portrait are painted, neatly paint the background of your image with the compliment of the color you chose for your face.

Students will be assessed based on attached rubric

I will be sure to add actual student examples as soon as I have them!

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