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High [9th-12th] Lesson Plan

Observational Contour Watercolor Hands

Created on February 06, 2015 by CaptureCreativity

This project is always a great way to practice basic observational drawing and watercolor techniques. A great way to start the year and build student confidence!

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10+ sessions; 60 minutes per session

SWBAT improve their ability to draw from observation. SWBAT define, identify and create a contour drawing.
SWBAT mix and use watercolor paint to shade.
SWBAT demonstrate a high level of craft.

1. Pencil
2. Sketch Paper
3. Watercolor Paper
4. Black Sharpie
5. Watercolor Paint
6. Paint Brushes
7. Sign Language Chart (optional)

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1. Practice the contour drawing process (probably for a couple days)
—Move your eyes at the same speed as your pencil
—If your eyes are moving, your pencil should be too
—If your eyes stop, your pencil should too
—Follow both edges and ridges of your hand (outside & inside lines)
—Leave your modeling hand in the same position the entire time
—Move slowly
—Be Patient
2. Select AT LEAST 3 sign language hand gestures or poses (you can use initials)
3. Draw several versions of each gesture onto your sketch paper.
4. Select the best version of each gesture and transfer to your final watercolor paper.
5. Trace all lines with black marker (darker areas with thick lines, lighter areas with thin lines).
6. Paint your hands with watercolor (adding darker values to darker areas.
7. Display for all to see!

Students are assessed on a rubric that is given out before the project. They are graded on a scale of 0-3 for categories including: Craft, Use of Materials and Technique, and Use of Class Time.

A step up from my resources...

Observational Contour Hands:

Observational Contour Hands 2:

Sign Language Chart:

Color Field

Color/Value, Line, Proportion/Size, Shape

Drawing, Marker, Painting, Watercolor

  • gini55 02/08/2015 at 10:52am
    I teach Drawing on the R side of the Brain and we do a lot of hand observational drawing with pencil and black fine point pens...the water color infused is nice, but I'd need to spend time teaching my watercolor box procedures and color unit first...I am not doing color until we are finished with observational drawing...I suppose as I think outloud, I could add this as an additional proj. after teaching color. I've been absent most of the year and this is only the beginning of week 8 for my students who had a poor sub while I was recovering.