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High [9th-12th] Classroom

Mrs. McFadden's Art Room

Created on March 02, 2015 by Me1issa08

These are some shots of my classroom!

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This is my classroom! I currently teach Art I, Drawing II, Advanced Drawing, Photography, and Advanced Photography in here. This was the old "commercial arts" room.

It is in total disarray at the moment, but we don't mind because we are very busy creating art!

I have three Mac computers and a colored printer in my room. I have a mat cutting station as well as two large paper cutters. Students keep all of their 2D work in the cubbies along the wall and when we are working in the 3D units we store our work on shelves. Photography students have access to small lockers out in the hallway. This keeps cameras and film safe. You can see the doorway to the darkroom at the back of the room. I will show photos of this in a separate resource. I had both the whiteboard and the smartboard installed since I began teaching in 2012. There wasn't anything to write on when I got the room!