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High [9th-12th] Lesson Plan

Clayboard Illustration

Created on June 04, 2015 by Me1issa08

This is a project I do with my Drawing II students. It is different that the traditional media they are used to, and has a very high success rate!

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10 sessions; 45 minutes per session

Students will learn how to use scratch art tools to create an illustration on clayboard
Students will demonstrate their understanding of texture and value within their illustration.

Pre Inked Clayboard
A variety of scratch tools

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1. Students will choose an image. I usually suggest things that already show texture. I sometimes posterize the image in photoshop for them so it is easier to break down the values.
2. Cover the back of the drawing with white chalk and place over the clayboard. Tape the image down and go over the lines with pencil.
3. Remove the image and begin with the lightest areas of your image. Remind students that once you remove the black, you can not put it back unless you want to touch it up with India Ink (It doesn't perfectly match!)
4. continue filling in areas without outlining until the illustration is complete.

Students will be assessed with the attached rubric.

Contrast, Line, Texture