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Elementary [1st-5th] Lesson Plan

Artist Statements

Created on June 04, 2015 by lightARTed

Students create a photographic artist statement about what they feel about art.

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Students write an statement about what they feel about art.

Students use Picassa to alter their image.

Students use Microsoft Word to create their photographic collage.

digital camera
Microsoft Word
Printer paper
laptop or computer

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1. Students write an artist statement, check spelling.

2. Take a photograph of the students, students can either take their own self-portraits using the self timer, have students take pictures of each other, or the teacher can take the photographs.

3. Using Picassa edit the photograph. In our examples we turned the photo to black and white and created a moody high contrast photograph. Picassa is free and pretty easy to use.

4. Copy the photograph to a word document. Fix the margins to narrow and page layout to landscape.

5. Create a text box, move it to the desired location, change the font, size, and style.

6. Students should save work frequently. Teachers may print photo for display.


Color/Value, Contrast

Digital, Photography

English/Language Arts, Technology