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High [9th-12th] Lesson Plan

Typography Posters

Created on October 12, 2015 by CaptureCreativity

Students design a typographic quote poster using open-source design software.

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2 sessions; 50 minutes per session

SWBAT create emphasis with typography and color.

1. Design Software (we used a free, open-source program called Scribus)
2. Typefaces (computers come with a variety of system fonts, but you can always add to existing options)

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1. Students chose a quote
2. Students were limited to 2 typefaces, 3 colors max, and 11x17
3. Students had two days to design their poster—including and variations

Salvador Dali, Francisco de Goya, Georgia O’Keeffe, Wayne Thiebaud

Balance, Color/Value, Contrast, Emphasis, Proportion/Size, Space