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High [9th-12th] Lesson Plan

All of the Colors

Created on April 12, 2016 by Scorchard

Students will demonstrate their knowledge of color theory and tempera paint usage through the creation of Pop Art inspired artworks.

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1. SWBAT demonstrate a knowledge of color theory and color relationships
2. SWBAT create artworks that utilize knowledge of tints and shades
3. SWBAT create artworks that demonstrate a knowledge of color schemes
4. SWBAT create Pop Art paintings
5. SWBAT demonstrate a skilled use of tempera paint and associated tools, techniques, and processes
6. SWBAT discuss examples of Pop Art and the use of bold, flat colors in artwork

● 11x11” poster paper
● tempera paint
● paintbrushes
● Sharpie markers
● Rulers
● Star Templates
● Carbon Paper
● Light Boxes
● 12x12” black construction paper
● hot glue guns
● white colored pencil

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1. Divide the square into four equal quadrants with a ruler
2. Trace a minimum of two stars into each quadrant
a. At least one star in each quadrant must cross over a border line
3. Fill the background of two opposing quadrants with straight lines (use a ruler)
4. Fill the background of the remaining quadrants with wavy lines (freehand carefully)
a. Do not draw through the stars
5. Using tempera paint in only the primary colors, black, and white, carefully paint the following color schemes ­ one per quadrant.
a. Warm Colors (Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary, create tints and shades if desired)
b. Cool Colors (Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary, create tints and shades if desired)
c. A Complementary Pair (you must create tints and shades)
d. Polychromatic (All Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary colors)
6. Use a large black Sharpie to outline all shapes when the painting is completely dry
7. Finished paintings must be carefully mounted onto a sheet of 12x12” black paper for
8. Write your name on the bottom right corner of the black mat in white colored pencil
● Demonstrate craftsmanship and care ○ No streaky or sloppy painting
● No two adjacent shapes should be the same color ­ use tints and shades if necessary!)

Standard Art Rubric

This is part of the painting unit that I do in my high school Art I class

Pop Art

Color/Value, Line, Rhythm/Pattern, Shape

Marker, Tempera

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    super cute, love the title!