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High [9th-12th] Lesson Plan

Observational Contour Hands

Created on September 30, 2011 by CaptureCreativity

This project is always a great way to practice basic observational drawing techniques. A great way to start the year and build student confidence!

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6 sessions; 45 minutes per session

SWBAT improve their ability to draw from observation.
SWBAT define, identify and create a contour drawing.
SWBAT demonstrate a high level of craft.

1. Pencil
2. Sketch Paper
3. White Drawing Paper
4. Black Construction Paper
—Or any other color
5. Black Sharpie
6. Scissors
7. Rubber Cement
8. Sign Language Chart

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1. Practice the contour drawing process (probably for a couple days)
—Move your eyes at the same speed as your pencil
—If your eyes are moving, your pencil should be too
—If your eyes stop, your pencil should too
—Follow both edges and ridges of your hand (outside & inside lines)
—Leave your modeling hand in the same position the entire time
—Move slowly
—Be Patient
2. Select 3 sign language hand gestures (we used our initials)
3. Draw several versions of each gesture onto your white paper.
4. Select the best version of each gesture.
5. Trace all lines with black marker.
6. Cut hands out of white paper.
7. Mount cutout hands on black construction paper.
8. Display for all to see!

Students are assessed on a rubric that is given out before the project. They are graded on a scale of 0-3 for categories including: Craft, Use of Materials and Technique, and Use of Class Time.

1. This is the first project I do with my students. I work chronologically through art history and tie this project in with the simpler, non-value drawing of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece.
2. The students get very frustrated initially, but they greatly increase their confidence and ability to draw from observation—which seems to make all future projects much easier for them.
3. Make sure you (as the instructor) create a couple examples before letting the kids try their hand at it. This will ensure that sure you have a solid grasp on the process.

Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece

Balance, Contrast, Line, Shape, Unity/Harmony

Drawing, Marker, Paper, Pencil

History/Social Studies