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Elementary [1st-5th] Lesson Plan

Optical Illusion Hands

Created on March 21, 2012 by ArtfulArtsyAmy

Students learn about op art and color theory. Students create an op art piece using complementary colors.

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TLW define “contour line”
TLW demonstrate a basic understanding of drawing in 3d
TLW utilize line to show a full composition
TLW demonstrate a master-level understanding of complementary color

18 in x 24 in white paper

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1. Ask students to respond to the exemplar
2. Explain that they are going to begin learning about how to draw in 3d and that this project is a step in that directions.
3. Demo the project
4. Trace you hand
5. Then show how you can gently erase and re-draw lines to make the hand look more 3d
6. Students are to draw , with pencil, 5-7 hands in this way.
7. Remind students to erase the lines from one hand when two hands overlap
8. Ask students to define and indentify complementary colors. Ask them to explain to you what is pink’s complement and why
9. Hand out markers
10. Demo how to draw thick curved stripes on the hands to show 3d effect
11. Demo how to draw thick circular bands in the background for an op-art effect
12. Students are to use 1 color to make hand stripes
13. Students are to use the hand-color complement to make stripes in the background
14. Circulate and aid students as necessary
15. Finish
16. Display!

1. Student completed work
2. Student used complementary colors.
3. Student only used 2 colors
4. Student made thick stripes (not thin)
5. Student made concrete attempt to make each hand look 3d by erasing and adding lines for each and every line

Op Art

Color/Value, Shape

Marker, Paper

  • MisterA2001 11/16/2012 at 09:21am
    Love this lesson going to use it after Winter Break