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Elementary [1st-5th] Lesson Plan

Soap Resist Flowers

Created on March 21, 2012 by ArtfulArtsyAmy

Students study the art of Georgia O'Keefe and use the soap resist method to create flowers. A How-To Soap Resist sheet for teachers is included.

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- TLW identify works of art as those of Georgia O’Keefe.
- TLW define value.
- TLW observe how value effects 2-dimensional artwork to create 3-d like modeling.
- TLW demonstrate knowledge of value by using the soap-resist method to render a flower inspired by Georgia O’Keefe.

Images and/or PPT about Georiga O’Keefe
Close-up color pictures of a variety of flowers
Black Canson paper
Primsacolor Art Stix (cut to 9 in x 12 in size for student use)
Bar Soap
White sketch paper

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Demonstrate a large poster exhibiting the work of Georgia O’Keefe. Tell students they are going to get to use regular bar soap to create a similar artwork. 

1. Motivate Students.
2. Demonstrate Exemplar.
3. Discuss the artwork of Georgia O’Keefe with students
4. Have students identify light/dark areas of O’Keefe florals.
5. Ask students to hypothesize why O’Keefe made colors lighter/darker in these areas?
6. Explain the idea of value as it relates to shadow to students. Explain Hue and Shades (define value).
7. Ask students to look at their own clothing to see examples of hue and shade.
8. Explain the artwork process students are going to undergo.
9. Hand out white sketch paper and pencils.
10. Hand out close up color images of flowers.
11. Tell students to sketch a flower up close. They are to use the entire sheet of paper and go off the edges of the paper.
12. Hand out black Canson paper.
13. Have students copy their sketch –as well as they can- using pencils on black paper.
14. Gather students and do a quick demonstration about how to use Primsacolor Art Stix. Demonstrate how to use lights and darks to create value (shadows). Go over this a few times.
15. Hand out Art Stix.
16. Circulate and aid as necessary (they will need it).
17. Fill sink with about an inch of water (place stool if needed)
18. As students finish, call them to the sink and aid them in rinsing off their works. They will LOVE this part!!
19. Allow works to dry on a rack or on the floor.

Checklist (4/4 – 3/4 Satisfactory, 0/4 – 2/4 Unsatisfactory):
1. Student completed a sketch
2. Student completed a soap resist floral
3. Student made an honest attempt to create value
4. Student used materials appropriately

Georgia O’Keeffe


Color/Value, Contrast, Shape

  • Eponine24601 09/02/2013 at 09:44pm
    These are lovely! Do you think oil pastel would work well for adding color, too?