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Middle [6th-8th] Lesson Plan

Repetitive Self-Portrait

Created on July 06, 2017 by ArtisticTouch

Get ready to watch all your Middle School artists' creativity soar with this unique, repetitive self-portrait lesson.

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Student artists can explore line, shape, color, pattern, and unity, through creation of a self-portrait.

8” x 11.5” black and white selfie photo
P&S digital camera (Recommend 16MP+)
18" x 24" heavyweight paper
Light-box or natural light source (ex. window)
Black permanent markers
Colored permanent markers
Washable colored markers

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Session 1: Discussion Self-Portraits
Class discussion on the history of self-portraits, including their functions. Explore the variety of materials used over the course of time to create self-portraits (both two-dimensional and three-dimensional). Identify commonalities and differences in a variety of self-portraits.

Session 2: Selfie Photo-Op
Class discussion on point and shoot cameras; explore the importance of expression and photo angles. Use point and shoot cameras to take a selfie; chosen photo is printed in black and white.

Session 3: Trace, Trace, Trace
Class discussion on the importance of line in creation; emphasis on contour lines. Trace selfie photo with black permanent marker. Place traced photo underneath drawing paper (on light-box) and begin tracing self-portraits over and over again (roughly 20 times).

Session 4-7: Visual Pattern and Unity
Class discussion on the importance of repetition versus variety in a work of art. Explore various visual patterns and allow students to share their unique designs to spark creativity during each session. Use colored marker to add color and visual patterns and designs to the self-portrait drawing.

Session 8: Self-Portrait Critique and Self-assessment
Class critique of self-portraits using TAG Review and self-assessment completion.
T: Tell something you like
A: Ask a question
G: Give a positive suggestion

Students will complete a self-assessment of their mask by answering the following questions.

Which artist had the biggest influence on your creative work? Explain.

List three things you believe you did well as an artist. Be descriptive.

Share what you learned as an artist from doing this project. Would you have done anything differently? Explain.

Color/Value, Line, Rhythm/Pattern, Unity/Harmony, Variety

Drawing, Marker