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Middle [6th-8th] Lesson Plan

Plush Pirate Octopi

Created on March 21, 2012 by ArtfulArtsyAmy

Student learns about soft sculpture and create their own plush pirate octopi.

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TLW manipulate textiles
TLW define plush
TLW define soft sculpture
TLW create a soft sculpture

Felt in a variety of colors (9 in x 12 in pieces work best)
Fabri-Tac (enough bottles/material to have one per table)
Yarn (any color)
Safety eyes (1 for each child)
Material for stuffing (beans, polyfil, scrap fabric, shredded paper etc. etc.)
Black felt

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1. Ask students to respond to work. Encourage comments
2. Define soft-sculpture and plush for students
3. Demo PPT about plush (show a variety from stuffed animals to amigurumi to art plush)
4. Explain they will get to make their own plush
5. Display exemplar
6. Hand out felt
7. Have each student pick out 1 sheet of felt
8. Fold felt in half
9. Cut felt along fold
10. Have students cut out “U” shape on the 2 pieces of felt (They must match)
11. Set scrap aside
12. Students apply a line of Fabri-tac along one edge on 1 piece of the felt down to the midpoint. Apply the other piece of felt to match
13. Allow to dry
14. Turn U-shape inside out (gently)
15. Make 3 cuts into the U-Shape from the bottom that go up to the midpoint (you are creating 8 legs)
16. Students pull on legs to get them to have a slightly different shape than rest of body
17. Student are to grab a piece of scrap felt that is different in color than their octopus
18. Students cut a small circle out (outside of eye)
19. Students fold circle in half and then half again, cut off the tip of the pie slice (gives you a hole in the center of the Octopus)
20. Hand out safety eyes
21. Have students decide where their eye is going to go and cut a small (tiny) hole
22. Stick safety eye through the hole of the circle piece of felt
23. Stick safety eye through the hole on the octopus
24. Put on the backing an click
25. Now you have an eye
26. Take stuffing material and stuff into head of octopus
27. Hand out yarn
28. Have students tie yarn tightly around the octopus head (To keep in stuffing and provide definition between head and legs)
29. Yarn and black felt
30. Demo how to cut an eye patch. Use fabric-tac to attach the patch to the yarn. Allow to dry
31. Tie on eye patch
32. Hand out permanent markers
33. Allow students to put an “x” under the eye patch and to add mouths etc. etc.
34. Finish
35. Display!

1. Student completed work
2. Octopus has an eye and an eye patch
3. Octopus has 8 legs
4. Student used glue appropriately
5. Student attempted to work neatly
6. Student stuffed octopus