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Elementary [1st-5th] Lesson Plan

Color Theory Line Abstraction

Created on March 21, 2012 by ArtfulArtsyAmy

Students learn about the complementary colors, analogous colors, and color triads. Students must use different line types to create space and choose their own color theory for use.

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TLW define analogous, triadic, and monochromatic color schemes
TLW recognize and identify different types of lines
TLW define composition and varied composition
TLW create an abstract art work based on color and line theory

18 in x 24 in white paper
Black markers
Colored markers of all types (you need lots of shades of each color if possible)

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1. Lead a quick course in color theory. Utilize posters on color theory.
2. Engage students by asking them to come up to the board and use different colored markers to help identify different color schemes based on color theory. Define triadic, analogous and monochromatic.
3. Point to the line type posters in the room. Draw a abstract line drawing on the board. Draw lines all the same size and weight on board. Draw a 2nd drawing with line variation. Ask students which is more interesting. Explain that variation makes art more interesting.
4. Demo project. Explain students will be picking one color theory scheme and creating an artwork only using colors from that scheme. They must draw 5-7 different types of lines on their paper and color in the remaining areas in using colors from their color scheme.
5. Students must write which color scheme they chose to use at the bottom of the paper
6. Display!

1. Student completed work
2. Student used 5-7 lines
3. Student varied line type, size, and weight
4. Student identified which color scheme used
5. Student accurately used colors from that color scheme.

Abstract Art

Color/Value, Line

Marker, Paper