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Multiple Level Rubric

Coil Building Rubric

Created on November 21, 2017 by Astabeth

This is a rubric and self-assessment designed for a coil pot or vase project. Students are required to have changes in direction (out-in-out or in-out-in) to illustrate that they understand how to make the work wider and narrower. They are also required to smooth the inside, outside, or both. Contemporary artists viewed: Ferri Farahmandi, Julia Sanderl, Laurie Spencer. The rubric file is attached at the bottom.

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The student will be able to:
1. Roll a ball and flatten to a round or oval base for their pot.
2. Make even coils thicker than a pencil but no larger than their thumb.
3. Use the score and slip joining technique to attach the coils to the base and themselves.
4. Keep the clay moist and plastic, at the correct consistency to join without cracking.
5. Demonstrate the ability to make their piece narrower and wider by adjusting coil placement.
6. Smooth either the inside or outside of the piece (or both).

1. Clay
2. Scoring tool
3. Water

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1. View the work of contemporary coil artists.
2. Demonstrate the process.

Using the attached rubric. Students will self-assess.

This is a rubric, not a complete lesson plan.

Contemporary Art

Balance, Form, Movement, Proportion/Size