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Multiple Level Management

Supply Bin Checklist

Created on August 26, 2018 by MrsImpey

This will be used in my high school room this year in an attempt to teach students to keep the supplies organized and to keep track of them.

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Last year while I was out on my maternity leave, my room was ransacked. Things were destroyed and missing. This year, I'm going to crack down on the carelessness. I purchased 6 mini clipboards from the Dollar Tree and spray painted them the color of the bin they will go in. I then photocopied the checklist in the different colors as well. The supplies in the bins are the ones students use the most on a daily basis while we work in class; everything from notes to sketches to visual journal assignments.

At the beginning of class, one student from each table will need to go through the checklist on the left hand side and check that everything is there from the previous class. At the end of class, they will repeat. If anything is missing, it will be their class's job to find them. They will then sign and turn it it.

If a group lies and says everything is there, the next class that comes in will be able to tell me because they won't have everything on their checklist at the beginning of class (and won't want to be responsible for it) and then I will be able to call the other students down to make them find or replenish the supplies.


  • SheilaMKM 11/09/2019 at 03:00pm
    I reinvented the wheel. I placed a card in the supply box for each table, and put in it the markers, colored pencils, pencils, erasers, etc. Supplies and cards change. However, after a few months I let it go and have to start all over again. CLasses did not truly check, so some boxes had too many markers, some too fgew, markers were on the floor... I am going to have to do better