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Elementary [1st-5th] Lesson Plan

Digital Kaleidoscopes

Created on April 24, 2019 by lightARTed

Students in grades 3 through 5 create digital kaleidoscopes.

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Students learn about kaleidoscopes and radial patterns.

Students learn how to save a digital image, attach their image to an email and send it to their art teacher for printing.

Internet access
Chromebook, ipad, of computer

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1. Demonstrate how to use kaleidoscope painter in

2. Demonstrate how to save the image, label image with student's name and class code, attach the image to an email to the teacher with name and class code.

3. You may want to limit the emails to one per student so that they can only send their best one.

4. Print in color!

This would also be good to do with an actual art lesson on kaleidoscopes, making radial patterns, manalas, etc...

One year my school district announced our district art show would happen earlier in the school year, October if you can be believe it, and none of my classes had artwork finished! What's an art teacher to do? I needed to find a way for my kids to make art quickly but that would like nice in an art show. I spent one class teaching 3-5th graders how to use the kaledoscope painter, how to save their image and attach it in an email so that I could print in color for the art show. I found a local print shop that gave our school a discount and was able to have artwork finished pretty quickly. If students could not finish in class they could finish on their own time and email me their work. This was a great way to add some technology to the curriculum, only takes one or two session, or could be done completely on the student's own time so as not take up studio time if students already know how to save, attach and send in an email.

Op Art, Abstract Art

Rhythm/Pattern, Contrast, Color/Value, Balance, Unity/Harmony