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High [9th-12th] Lesson Plan

Thaumatrope Animation Lesson

Created on June 01, 2019 by dirkusa2001

This is a lesson for grades 9th-12th to help students understand the concept of persistence of vision. This is an excellent lesson for introduction to animation. Supplies are basic and included is a rubric and student examples. This lesson can be adapted for use with elementary and middle grades.

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2 sessions; 45 minutes per session

SWBAT define what the persistence of vision is.
SWBAT to make a thaumatrope.
SWBAT to create a drawing using lines and shapes.

1. Handout provided (print on cardstock)
2. pencil, eraser
3. color pencils and markers
4. string
5. scissors
6. glue
7. hole punch

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1. Have students watch the Ted Talk video on the persistence of vision. Explain how that relates to animation. (15 min)
- Demo sketches
2. Have students work on 9 thumbnail sketches.
- Early finishers have them make the drawing larger on the other side of the provided handout. (30 min work)

Next session
1. Review persistence of vision. (15 min for steps 1 & 2)
- Demo how to to color and fill in their drawing on the 2 larger circles provided on the worksheet.
- Demo how to color it in
- Demo how to cut it out neatly
- Demo how to glue punch holes and put the string through.
3. Demo how to spin. (30 min)
- Students work.

Did students create a thaumatrope. Can they define persistence of vision. Could they understand how it relates to animation. Checklist rubric provided.

Tip: Students need to have one image upside down on the larger circles or it will not work correctly. They need to really think about what they want on each side to produce the final image when it is spun.

If you don't want to do string you could just glue the 2 larger cirlces with a straw in between.

Line, Shape, Space