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Multiple Level Lesson Plan

Alcohol Ink Paintings

Created on June 01, 2019 by OneToughCookie

Students will create art using bottles of alcohol inks.

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2 sessions; 40 minutes per session

1. SWBAT create art using bottles of alcohol inks.

2. SWBAT define value.

1. Paper

2. Pencil

3. Bottle of alcohol inks

4. White gouache or acrylic paint

5. Paper towels

6. Droppers (optional)

7. Small storage cups w/ lids (optional)

Need these materials? Visit Blick!

1. Lightly sketch out a drawing on a sheet of a paper. Start with something simple like a cube a sphere or an apple like in the sample photos.

2. Tear off a piece of paper towel and crumple it up. Place a few drops of ink on it and dab it on your drawing. Continue doing this to help build up your values. Work from light to dark, so that it is easier to fix any mistakes along the way.

3. Using white gouache or acrylic paint add highlights to your drawing, dabbing it with a paper towel just like you did the inks in step 2.

Here are four brands of alcohol ink bottles to look into that you should get multiple uses out of. All of these are usually $5.00 and under and can be mixed to create other colors.

1. Brea Reese Alcohol Ink

2. Blick Studio Marker Refills

3. Copic Various Ink Refills

4. Ranger Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks

Use droppers and small storage cups w/ lids to mix and create custom colors.

Some brands sell colorless blenders. They can be mixed with the alcohol inks to create lighter colors.

Abstract Art, Cubism, Dadaism, Surrealism

Color/Value, Contrast, Shape

Drawing, Ink, Painting