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Early [PK-K] Lesson Plan

Rainy Days

Created on July 01, 2019 by Mario82

Turn a rainy day into a fun day with these watercolor resist paintings.

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1 session; 60 minutes per session

1. Watercolor

2. Paint brushes

3. Watercolor paper

4. Crayons

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1. With a white crayon draw near the center of your paper to create a horizon line.

2. Next draw lines going down vertically with the white crayon to represent rain. After your lines have gone passed the horizon line draw ovals to for the rain drops. Add rainbows to your drawing if you want.

3. With a really wet brush begin applying various shades of blue watercolor across your paper. Next add a little black to your blue paint and apply it to a few areas of your drawing.

Abstract Art

Color/Value, Contrast

Crayon, Watercolor