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Multiple Level Worksheet

Creativity Brainstorm Worksheet

Created on September 20, 2019 by Linnea

Use this worksheet to help organize your ideas and designs when planning a work of art. On one side you can explore concepts, plan symbols and connect ideas to help you brainstorm your work. And on the back you will find thumbnails to help you hash out the structure and composition of your work of art. This worksheet is great for independent work as well as the start to any class projects.

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1. SWBAT identify the stages of the Creative Process.
2. SWBAT organize their ideas to make meaningful work.
3. SWBAT connect their ideas in creative ways.
4. SWBAT make independent work without specific guidelines.

1. Projector
2. Internet
3. Video:
4. Printed copies of the Creativity Brainstorming Worksheet
5. Pencils

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1. Open a discussion about the fear involved in being creative and making art just for their own joy. (15 mins)

Talking points:
- The fear of an empty white page
- Why courage is a necessary ingredient for creativity
- Perfectionist tendencies
- Comparing your work to others
- Doubt
- Failure is necessary for growth
- Creative Block
- etc.

2. Explain that having a clear process, measured steps, and artist can take will help reduce the fear involved when being creative.

3. Show video:

4. Invite students to use the Creativity Brainstorming Worksheet to plan and organize their ideas to create an independent project.

I usually do a one on one check in once students finish their Creativity Brainstorming Worksheet. We talk about their creativity and composition and I give them hints on how to move forward or make changes for improvement.

This is a great way encourage independent work for beginners and advanced students.