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High [9th-12th] Lesson Plan

What is Art?

Created on August 24, 2020 by KatieMorris

Students are challenged to write a definition of art and then present it with a visual.

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2 sessions; 40 minutes per session

1. The students will write a definition of art.
2. The students will watch and respond to a video about different definitions of art.
3. The students will collaborate to write an improved definition of art.
4. The students will create a visual of their definition of art.
5. The students will share their visual definitions with the class.

Student computers, tablets, or smartphones

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Day 1: The students will be tasked with the challenge of writing a definition of art. After the students have had time to think and write, the teacher will ask them to share their definitions. Next, the class will watch the Definition of Art video and discuss. The students will share their definitions again while challenging and helping each other improve their understanding. The teacher will pull up examples from art history and contemporary artists to support and challenge their definitions. The students will use the remaining time to continue thinking about and working on their definitions.
Day 2: The students will use any computer or web-based application to create a visual with their definition of art. Adobe Photoshop, Canva, and Google Slides are good options for creating a visual. At the end of class the students will share their visual definitions with everyone else. (All of my students chose Canva)

I gave students choice of digital platforms because I wanted them to become more familiar with programs in case we have to go remote. This could be done with any materials you have.

I did this in my advanced class. The video might be over some younger students’ heads. This was our first lesson of the school year.


Visual Arts Standard 1:
Understanding and applying media, techniques, and processes

[9-12 Proficient] Students apply media, techniques, and processes with sufficient skill, confidence, and sensitivity that their intentions are carried out in their artworks
[9-12 Advanced] Students communicate ideas regularly at a high level of effectiveness in at least one visual arts medium