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Multiple Level Lesson Plan

Ghost hands

Created on March 23, 2012 by lightARTed

Students create and develop an image of their hands on photo paper in the dark room.

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1. SWBAT learn basic darkroom manipulations.
2. SWBAT create and develop an image of their hands on photo paper.

measuring cup
hanging line with clips
pen light or small flash light
safe light
photo paper

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1. Introduce the photography unit with the video, "Photography: A Brief History" and explain the darkroom process.
2. Teachers need to create a darkroom, I use my kiln room where there are no windows and I block out all light from the doorway.
3. Turn the safelight on and the lights off.
4. Take out the photo paper (I used Arista Ultra RC Black & White Glossy 5x7 Paper.)
5. I teach one student the darkroom process who stays in the darkroom as the lab assistant. The lab assistant will monitor one student at a time in the darkroom and be there to guide them through the steps. While students are waiting their turn they are working on a photomontage.
6. Students write their name with a black sharpie on the back of the paper, the non-glossy side.
7. Turn the paper over and have student place their hand on top of the glossy side and make sure they press hard so that no light can seep through.
8. Wave a penlight for five seconds over the hand and paper.
9.Place photo paper in the developer until the black areas turn black.
10. Use tongs to lift paper out and place in the fix for three minutes.
11. Use tongs to lift paper out and place in wash, (water) for ten minutes. I usually just take them all out at the end of the class.
12. Hang dry.
13.I keep direction inside the door of the darkroom in case students need a reminder.
14.Make sure the photo paper is closed before the lights are turned back on.
15. I also use the Arista brands odorless developer and fixative to prevent strong odors.