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High [9th-12th] Lesson Plan

Marvelous Macrame

Created on May 28, 2021 by ArtisticTouch

Students will create a Macrame wall hanging that demonstrates a basic understanding of knot making and design planning.

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5 sessions; 60 minutes per session

Students will create a macrame wall hanging that demonstrates an intermediate understanding of design planning and basic macrame knot making techniques.

12 in. dowel rod
Macrame cord
Masking tape
Washable markers (optional)
Comb (optional)

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Students will begin their project by carefully cutting 16-20 macrame cords that are 60 inches in length -- precise measurements are important!

Once macrame cords have been cut, students will attach their cords to a 12 inch dowel rod using a basic ‘Lark’s Head’ knot.

After each cord has been properly secured to the dowel, students will determine which knots they would like to use to create their unique macrame wall hanging -- students should draft a plan on paper before they begin creating knots with their cords.

Example of knots:
-Square knot
-Horizontal Half-hitch
-Double half-hitch
-Diagonal Double Half-hitch
-Square knot variation

When students have roughly 4 - 6 inches of macrame cord remaining, they need to determine if they would like to dye their cord using washable markers or brush their cord using a comb.

IMPORTANT: Throughout the macrame process students need to remember that neatness and overall craftsmanship matters. Also, mistakes will occur -- do not become too frustrated. It is natural that some cords will need to be undone and attempted again.