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High [9th-12th] Lesson Plan

Styrofoam Sculptures Challenge

Created on June 04, 2021 by ArtisticTouch

Students will create a free-standing sculpture using styrofoam cups and plates; their creative problem solving and conceptual design skills will be tested!

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3 sessions; 60 minutes per session

Students will create a non-representational, free-standing sculpture that includes at least 5 styrofoam plates and 5 styrofoam cups.

Styrofoam Plates
Styrofoam Cups
Hot Glue Guns
Extension cords (optional)
Xacto knives
Cutting boards

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Before beginning sculpture construction, students are encouraged to research styrofoam sculptures and free-standing sculptures on Google. It is also very important they have an understanding of what they want their final sculpture to look like - sketching out the sculpture will help ensure success.

VERY IMPORTANT: Students should consider both POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE SPACE! Open form versus close form!
After research and brainstorming, students will collect their styrofoam and beginning constructing their free-standing sculptures.

Students will use xacto knives and scissors to deconstruct their cups/plates; the deconstructed cups/plates should be unidentifiable - in other words, anyone looking at the finished sculpture should not be able to easily recognize that cups and plates were used to create the work of art.

Students will use hot glue to assemble their free-standing sculpture. When working with hot glue students should remember to keep their application of the glue neat! Hot glue should not be noticeable!

Additionally, safe use of the hot glue is mandatory - miss use of the material results in restricted use and the inability to complete the project.

When the styrofoam sculpture is complete, students should create a name card (first and last name) and attach it to the bottom of their work.

IMPORTANT: Throughout the sculpture construction students need to remember that neatness and overall craftsmanship matters. Also, mistakes will occur -- do not become too frustrated. It is natural that mistakes will be made - ask for help when you are stumped or uncertain what to do next.

Definition: Free-standing sculpture: stand-alone objects that can be seen from all angles and can be walked around or turned in the hand, depending on their size.

Balance, Contrast, Form, Movement, Proportion/Size, Rhythm/Pattern, Shape, Space, Texture, Unity/Harmony, Variety