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Multiple Level Lesson Plan

masterpieces with model magic

Created on August 04, 2021 by artspaz

Students will learn how to create a creature using model magic and understand that sculptures should be interesting from all sides.

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4 sessions; 50 minutes per session

SWBAT define form
SWBAT define space
SWBAT recognize a Henry Moore sculpture

1. Paper and pencil
2. Info on Henry Moore
3. Colored markers
4. Model Magic, white, 1 oz per student
5. Cardboard
6. Scissors
7. Glue
8. Various colored and or painted papers.
9. Various found objects
10. Other sculpture materials like pipe cleaners, foam....

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1. Introduce sculpture, form (3d shapes) and space, (the area around the forms) Explain how a sculpture should be interesting from all angles.
2. Show examples from Henry Moore's work.
3. Tell students they will be creating a creature using model magic. Demo how you can add color to it by using a water-based marker to color on the model magic and then mix the color in by 'kneading it' Also show how to attach the model magic together by pinching and smoothing two shapes together.
4. Have students brain storm a creature and its habitat. Do 4 thumbnail sketches. I like to have them do a few more drawings of the creature they pick, using different view points. This is for the older students.

Day 2-4
1. after students have the idea, start by building the habitat. Cover a cardboard 6x6 ish, with colored paper and add other things.
2. Make the creature. Make sure to remind them to connect all parts and to make the shapes big enough that they won't fall off or break.
3. Tip: we like to use pip cleaners for things like horns, antenna and other small details.

After they are done, have them name the creature and write a summery of where it lives.

Ask them to write done the most challenging part.

have zip lock bags on hand so the model magic won't dry out between sessions. You can attach wet to dry, but it isn't very easy. I recommend doing the creature all in 1 session.

Henry Moore

American Art

Proportion/Size, Form, Space