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Elementary [1st-5th] Lesson Plan

School of Fish

Created on June 30, 2022 by lightARTed

My kindergartners and first graders learned how to transfer a drawing using the trace and pencil method. They were so excited to learn this artist trick to draw a school of fish!

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Students learn the pencil tracing method of transferring a drawing.

Students transfer at least 3 fish and position them on the paper to create movement.

Students use watercolor pencils to add color to their school of fish.

tracing paper
pencils, erasers
watercolor pencils
masking tape

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1. Show examples of what a finished school of fish picture looks like. Ask students if they think drawing the same fish over and over again would be hard and boring. Then tell them that you will show them an artist trick of copying their fish so they don't have to draw it from scratch over and over again.

2. Demonstrate how to use tracing paper or thin copy paper for transferring their drawing of a fish. Draw one fish on one side of the paper, turn the paper over, arrange it on the final paper, and trace over the lines using a pencil with hard pressure. Use masking tape to keep the tracing paper from moving.

3. Repeat tracing the fish 3 or more times, let students know that their fish don't all have to go in the same direction, for interest and unique composition fish can be drawn swimming off the paper. You may only see a tail or head at the edge of the paper.

4. Demonstrate how to use watercolor pencil to color the fish. (any coloring material will be fine to use for this project.)

This artsonia gallery was the inspiration for this project:

Movement, Rhythm/Pattern, Shape