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Elementary [1st-5th] Lesson Plan

James Rizzi Assemblage cityscape

Created on July 31, 2022 by artspaz

Students will learn about James Rizzi and Assemblage art then they will use cardboard to create a cityscape

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2 sessions; 55 minutes per session

1. SWBAT: define form
2.SWBAT: define repitition
3. SWBAT: recognize the art work of James Rizzi

1. cardboard
2. Scissors
3. glue
4. Markers
5. Paint and brushes
6. Oil pastels
7. paper and pencils
8. Black sharpie

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1. Show examples of James Rizzis art.Ask students what do they SEE? Discuss how his buildings have faces.
2. Have students draw some rectangles to represent buildings, they can even give the tops of the buildings different angles and things like triangles for ears.
3. Have students draw faces on the buildings, some of the features could be doors and windows.
4. Pick a background cardboard, I precut them to about 10 x12. Have students paint the background like a sky, they can do any color and add clouds and other things.
5. Have them pick 5-10 different sized smaller pieces of pre cut cardboard to create their buildings from.
6. Students can decide if they want to color the building in with markers, oil pastels or paint. They can combine the media too. IF USING MARKERS make sure the cardboard is WHITE!
7. If the are using markers or pastels, have them draw the faces and details with a black sharpie first, then color. If they are painting, add the face with the sharpie after it is dry.
8. Once the shapes are dry, arrange them to the bottom of the background. Remind them to have some overlapping to create space and depth.
9. Once they have a composition they like they may glue it down.

Do a thumbs up and ask these questions....
Do you have overlapping buildings?
Are your buildings all different sizes?
Do you buildings have faces?

American Art

Variety, Space, Shape, Form

Painting, Marker, Pastel