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Multiple Level Powerpoint

Don't You Just Love Your Cell Phone

Created on August 25, 2022 by paintpeace

A powerpoint to probably show at beginning of school year. It's a brief and entertaining educational powerpoint on the history of, production of and behavioural effects of the mobile phone. If your classroom management plan includes barring the use of cell phones in the classroom, this may help educate students, parents and even other staff members as to why one might consider requiring students to turn their phones off and put them away in school.

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1 session; 20 minutes per session

1. Students will learn a brief history of the cell phone.
2. Students will learn about the unethical manufacture practice of cell phones
3. Students will learn about the psychological effects of cell phones.
4. Students will understand why this teacher does not want to see the cell phones out and being used in class.

Computer with PowerPoint
LCD projector and Screen for group viewing

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Allow a brief discussion after each slide- student reactions and questions.