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Multiple Level Lesson Plan

Name Pictionary

Created on September 06, 2022 by rbteachart

I use this as an icebreaker the first day of class each year. Students illustrate their names using and object for each letter. I collect them and randomly hand them back. The students then have to guess the name on the one I handed to them, then find that person in class. It gets them up and moving and meeting new people. It also gives me a good pre-assessment of their drawing skills. I do this with High School students but it can be done at almost any level

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SWBAT draw right away on the first day of class
SWBAT to meet new students in class.

1. Paper
2. Pencil
3. Colored pencils or markers
4. Post it notes

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1. Students will be shown an example with "random" objects drawn on a piece of paper.
2. The teacher will ask them to guess why they think these objects were drawn together.
3. If they need clues, the slides will advance and a letter will appear under each object.
4. The teacher will then explain that the first letter of each object represents a letter in my name, so my name is spelled out with objects.
5. Students are given paper and pencils and told to draw their name using objects. They are told to be creative and not just use common items such as A for apple, B for Ball.
6. They SHOULD NOT write their name or the letters on the paper at all.
7. Students are given the rest of the class period to draw. If needed they will have 15 more minutes at the start of next class.
8. When finished, students hand the drawing in. The teacher will place a blank post-it note on each one.
9. The teacher will then explain that they will be given a random name drawing and they have to figure out the name by writing on the post-it.
10. Once they guess the name, they have to get up and find the person it belongs to.

No formal assessment.

This activity helps the students get to know each other and as they are drawing the teacher can walk around the room and see the drawing abilities in class, help them with objects and learn a little about the new students. It sparks conversations and also gets them up and moving.