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Middle [6th-8th] Lesson Plan

1 Point Perspective Extended Object Scene

Created on September 19, 2022 by Catriplett1

Students will use their knowledge of 1 point perspective drawing to create unique scene. In the scene one everyday object will be stretched or elongated, passing through the student's chosen shapes and ending with another object that is somehow related to the first object.

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6 sessions; 40 minutes per session

1. SWBAT define perspective.
2. SWBAT draw a variety of 3d shapes using 1 point perspective.
3. SWBAT create depth using background, mid-ground, and foreground.

1. Pencil
2. Paper
3. Colored pencils
3. Computer for searching for ideas.

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Teacher will discuss and demonstrate 1 point perspective techniques to the class and allow time for practice.

1. Students will design their beginning and end objects - two object that interact or are related to each other.

Ex: Hammer and nail, needle and thread, cat and mouse, gas pump and car, toothbrush and toothpaste, etc. (15 -30 mins)

2. On their final paper, students will draw 6-9 3D boxes or shapes. You can encourage student to make their 3D shapes related to their 2 other objects. For example if their objects are cat and mouse, their 3D shapes could be chunks of cheese. (30 mins.)

3. Student will put holes or openings on each 3D shape. The size, shapes, and quantity will be up to you. (5-10 mins)

4. Students will now draw their two objects on their page. Students will then extend on feature on an object so it stretches in and out of the boxes and ends interacting with the other object. Ex: the cats paw could weave in and out of each box and it will interact by catching the mouse (15- 30 mins.) students need to keep in mind that their object that passes thought their shapes can change sizes as it get closer or further away from the viewer.

5. Students will complete the project by drawing background, mid-ground, and foreground objects. Students will finish by coloring their work. (30-40 mins. 1-3x)


Visual Arts Standard 1:
Understanding and applying media, techniques, and processes

[5-8] Students select media, techniques, and processes; analyze what makes them effective or not effective in communicating ideas; and reflect upon the effectiveness of their choices
[5-8] Students intentionally take advantage of the qualities and characteristics of art media, techniques, and processes to enhance communication of their experiences and ideas

Visual Arts Standard 3:
Choosing and evaluating a range of subject matter, symbols, and ideas

[5-8] Students use subjects, themes, and symbols that demonstrate knowledge of contexts, values, and aesthetics that communicate intended meaning in artworks
[5-8] Students integrate visual, spatial, and temporal concepts with content to communicate intended meaning in their artworks

Color/Value, Contrast, Form, Line, Movement, Space

Colored Pencil