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Elementary [1st-5th] Lesson Plan

Virtual Learning Idea: Leaf Man

Created on September 30, 2022 by lightARTed

There is a book by Lois Ehelert called, “Leaf Man” and is written for young children. However, the pictures in the book can be made by everyone of all ages and is a great art project for the fall. You will not need any art supplies, just leaves and sticks that you can find in your yard!

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Students understand that art can be created using nature and elements other than traditional art supplies.

Students arrange natural elements into the shape of a human or animal.

Natural elements found outside such as,
leaves, pine cones, acorns, sticks, rocks, etc...

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1. Students read the book by Lois Ehelert called, “Leaf Man”.
2. Students collect natural materials from outside.
3. Their leaf man can be created outside or glued to paper for a more permanent piece of art.
4. Students take a photograph of their leaf man.

Read Aloud: Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert:


Visual Arts Standard 1:
Understanding and applying media, techniques, and processes

[K-4] Students use different media, techniques, and processes to communicate ideas, experiences, and stories
[K-4] Students know the differences between materials, techniques, and processes

Visual Arts Standard 3:
Choosing and evaluating a range of subject matter, symbols, and ideas

[K-4] Students select and use subject matter, symbols, and ideas to communicate meaning
[K-4] Students explore and understand prospective content for works of art

Form, Shape, Texture