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Elementary [1st-5th] Lesson Plan

Axolotl: Glow in the dark

Created on September 30, 2022 by lightARTed

As part of a school wide art exhibit, students are creating underwater themed artworks that will glow in the dark using black lights and fluorescent art materials. These axolotls were made with fluorescent tempera cakes.

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Students learn about the axolotl, it's history, and it's unique ability to regenerate most of its body.

Students look at photographs and artwork of axolotls and draw an underwater scene, abstract or realistic.

Students learn to create value with the fluorescent cakes using added water for light areas, and adding multiple coats of paint to build darker areas.

watercolor paper
fluorescent tempera cakes
black oil pastel
crayola neon oil pastels

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Students learn about the axolotl through a teacher made PowerPoint and YouTube videos.

Students choose a photograph of an axolotl to study it's form to create their underwater artwork.

Students use fluorescent tempera cakes to add color and value to their drawings.

Link to the fluorescent tempera cakes used in this lesson:

Photos show the student's final axolotl painting under the black light and then under regular lighting.


Visual Arts Standard 1:
Understanding and applying media, techniques, and processes

[K-4] Students know the differences between materials, techniques, and processes
[K-4] Students describe how different materials, techniques, and processes cause different responses

Visual Arts Standard 4:
Understanding the visual arts in relation to history and cultures

[K-4] Students know that the visual arts have both a history and specific relationships to various cultures
[K-4] Students identify specific works of art as belonging to particular cultures, times, and places

Visual Arts Standard 5:
Reflecting upon and assessing the characteristics and merits of their work and the work of others

[K-4] Students understand there are different responses to specific artworks

Color/Value, Movement, Space


Geography, History/Social Studies, Science