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Middle [6th-8th] Lesson Plan

Fashion: People and Pattern

Created on October 08, 2012 by ArtKat0508

Using fashion magazines students choose a picture, design a textile pattern then combine the two. They are drawn on foam and then printed first in black and then as colored variations.

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7 sessions; 50 minutes per session

SWBAT use printmaking tools.
SWBAT define and use rhythm and pattern.
SWBAT describe the use pattern is used in the fashion industry.

fashion magazines, scissors, transfer paper, pencils, foam 6"x 9", brayers, ink (black and colored), inking tray, paper

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1. Discuss the history of different patterns in fashion like a tartan.

2. Students find a fashion model to trace into the image.

3. Students create their own textile design by combining at least two patterns.

4. Students transfer the fashion model onto practice paper with the transfer paper then add their pattern to the background.

5. Students tape the practice picture onto the foam and trace with a pencil. The pressure transfers the image lightly so it must be redrawn with the pencil. (a dull non mechanical pencil works best)

6. Students then use the pencil fill in some of the smaller spaces and widen some lines.

7. The plates are printed with black ink at least three times, washed and saved for the next day.

8. Next the figure is cut away from the pattern and the students print a color variation. The person is in one color and the background in a second color.

9. Students are allowed to trade pieces with each other to invent more variations.

Rubric: Completion, followed the direction, craftsmanship and amount of detail

I use wire closet racks that have been zipped tied together as display racks. They also make good drying racks for prints.

Students also write a short reflection statement.



  • tala23 10/12/2012 at 05:11pm
    My year 7's will love it thankyou!!