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Multiple Level Lesson Plan

Flipped People

Created on November 21, 2012 by ArtKat0508

Using black construction paper we create a symmetrical person by cutting out half the design and flipping it to the opposite side. It can be a self portrait.

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2 sessions; 50 minutes per session

1. SWBAT define and use symmetrical balance.
2. SWBAT define and use positive and negative space.

1. white paper 18x24
2. 2 pieces of black paper 6x9
3. scissors
4. glue

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1. Discuss the symmetry of the human face.

2. Pass out the large paper and only one sheet of 6x9 black paper.

3. Use a pencil to draw half a circle/oval for the head, leave enough room around the edge to have hair added. Lay the both pieces down on the white paper placing the black pieces back together like a puzzle. Then students flip the circle over.

4. On the black circle draw half a nose and half a mouth. For the eye draw a straight line going from the edge of the paper to the correct placement of the eye and then draw the eye. Do the same for the eyebrow.

5. Place pieces back on the white paper again fitting them back like a puzzle and then flipping them to the opposite side.

6. Take the original black head shape and trim off a thin line around the edge, flip it to boarder the "white" face. Glue down these pieces now.

Day 2

7. Use the background piece to cut out hair and an ear. Laying down and flipping the pieces like before.

8. Pass out the second piece of paper and lay it under the head, to match size and placement of the body.

9. Draw half a curve to be the neck follow it up and out beyond the head to be the shoulder and then down to be the arm. finish the shirt at the bottom of the page. Cut out, place as a puzzle and flip into place.

10. Last draw and cut out a design in the center of the shirt. Then place, flip and glue down all new pieces.

Ability to follow directions.
Verbal ID of positive and negative space as well as symmetric balance.
Level of detail and originality.

The examples are 4th grade but I have done this lesson with middle school as well.

Balance, Space